Real Eyes. Realize. Real lies.

Creativity, honesty, clarity. My favorite quote for several reasons.

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Life was easy as a kid, innocent eyes and simplicity. Each person has different experiences but everyone is born with pure innocence. You grow up, yes, puberty is real people. You want to be taken seriously already but everyone keeps telling you not to rush and enjoy being young. Your vision gets miscued – you begin to rush the journey of life instead of keeping your real, innocent eyes. Take time to reflect on life and remind yourself to live it slowly – with patience. You will begin to lose the mask above your eyes and regain your innocence, something that is truly beautiful.

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You grow up – you realize. Being a kid is pretty great, if only you stopped worrying about the future and lived each day to the fullest. Happiness used to just be my mom saying I am her mini-me and my dad saying I am no longer grounded (those magic words). It does not take much to make me happy, wish I realized it thenBut once you reflect, remember how easy life was and still is – you become reborn again, and you realize every little thing manifesting right before you eyes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.15.29 AMReal Lies

Lies. Most media now-a-days feeds lies, entertaining but not reality. Do not let what you see on that TV influence your thoughts so easily – especially since in my opinion most television shows are superficial. Do not go for someone based off of appearance – that is not the answer to finding happiness. Connections and emotions are the key essential to a good life. These television shows are influencing certain perceptions and manipulating the image to whats expected. There are some good shows that remain unbiased and knowledgeable but those float away from the bubble you are consumed in when I mention TV, you know why? It’s simple. The good is forgotten, and the lies have taken over. Change your perception now and believe something when you’ve confirmed it’s the truth.

Keeping It Real,

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Real eyes will realize the real lies.
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