VMA’s Review


Screen-Shot-2015-07-21-at-10_08_27-pmMy personal opinion. Ranking from 1-5 stars.

miley cyrus



VMA’s, wow. 


Most people love to hate her…well haters, we can all learn a thing or two from this one. She is honest, real, and confident. Behind the crazy outfits and over the top comments, she is what Hollywood is not – herself. Most celebrities are the total opposite of how they portray themselves for the sake of keeping up with their image. Miley does things out of the ordinary and quite frankly, it is refreshing to see someone who is so successful and still be true to herself.

Miley’s red lips don’t lie (just have no filter).

justin bieber


Real men cry and I was crying with you, Justin! He makes mistakes like everyone. As a reader of some blogs I’ve seen a few people open up about mistakes they’ve made in the past. Well, imagine the whole world reading it. Ouch. The intimacy of posts are intimate because they touch certain people (even people who have similar stories as the writer), but things we may be so open about when anonymously blogging we may keep hidden from another circle of friends/people in your life. Do not be so quick to judge others.

justin seleNOW: Let’s all take a moment of silence for a throwback of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the VMA’s in 2011. I am at the age where I should not be keeping up with this couple’s drama, but I am guilty of doing so. Does anyone else remember when Selena was the hottest celebrity and Justin was just getting started? She liked him for the person he was, and just because he can get any model he wants does not mean that it is because they like who he is as a person – it is because he is Justin-fucking-Bieber.

I'm just sayin'

taylor swift


Classic. She is beautiful inside and out. I loved her outfit when first walking in and her performance look with Nicki Minaj. Not only did she show the world she is no longer in a feud with the Anaconda singer – she also elegantly let everyone know there is not beef with Kanye West. A true class act. Side note: the next comment I make is not at all bad mouthing this beauty at all – just personal opinion. I believe her success is based on half of  her talent and half of her personality. She is a good friend, icon, and role model. Her vocals are not crazy impressive, but she knows how to use them and makes good music with what she’s got. Her magnetic energy is what keeps me coming back for more and is what makes me a fan. Stay classy, Swifty. And for my final note:








ttttttMy girl. Love her vocals, love her style, love love love her performance. She knows her vocals are worth a thousand words and she is not afraid to show you what she is capable of. I have no words, speechless. I can watch her videos all day and just admire the talent. She was born to sing and I am so happy and excited for the success of her career. Cannot wait to see what the future holds for this super star. She is genuine and does not take any moment she gets to shine for granted. It is a pleasure watching you perform and I will give myself credit for being one of your first fans (YouTube favorite). Nothing but love for this woman, you go girl.

Go Tori, that's YouTube's Tori.


He was on fiyyyyyaaa. Literally. Great performance. I’m a fan of his music, and his new album is as good as every single he’s had. Long story short, he is killing the game. Soul is hard to find nowadays and he has got it.



At first glance, I did not think Nicki was serious when calling out Miley…but after researching it I think there is a time and a place to confront someone. It made her look just as immature and bad to call her out on live television in front of an audience of familiar faces to both parties. Great performance but her actions made me question her as a person. I was not the biggest fan of Nicki this time around.

Final Note:

3-4-640x636Kanye’s speech was interesting for me. There were some moments I felt for him, some I did not understand him, some I thought were repetitive, and some I have no words. But all and all, what I will say about Kanye’s speech is that it’s a good thing he will be running for president – because that man will go on and on about his ideas.


Drool Worthy Show,



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