Think You Are an Over-Thinker?

Overthinking can give you anxiety, fear, and depression. Let’s work on ways to help you ease that mind.

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Here are tips on how to be in more control of your mind and situations.

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Insomnia. That is what we like to diagnose ourselves when we can’t sleep. It’s our excuse to be up all night and let our mind wander. Plot twist, it could actually not be insomnia.

How to overcome late night thoughts:

Focus on ways to relax your mind instead of overworking it. Meditation is a great resource and is accessible to everyone. Best part? Meditation is free and soothing. It gets your mind in a happy place and keeps you centered. You may feel like you are too anxious of a person to sit through meditation but give it some time. It takes practice, but doesn’t everything?

Phones keep you up. Give yourself some real me-time and focus on yourself and how to wind down after a long day. Sleep is just as important as a healthy diet to nourish and keep your body healthy.

Congrats, you are one step closer from being cured of late nights and not letting your thoughts keep your from those s w e e t d r e a m s .

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Girl: What’s up?

Guy: Chilling, u?

Girl:  What is he doing? Why won’t he tell me? Sketchy. Ohh that’s nice.

Guy: Ya I’m kind of busy but I’ll text u later

Girl: Ok I’m pissed! No prob ttyl..

How to overcome text feuds?

Don’t cause them. You are causing them in your head by building it up and you are causing the person on the other side to feel guilty (for no reason). Chances are if your significant other is mad at you they won’t be afraid to speak up. Instead of confusing yourself and your loved one – focus on improving your communication skills with one another and building a trust.

Shit happens. There have been numerous times that I’ve over-analyzed something instead of moving on. Been there, over that. I now work on more productive ways to learn from the past.

How to overcome thinking about the past?

Live in the moment. It is as fun as it sounds, trust me. Live for you and for better days – when you start thinking positive you will start being positive. Let the past be where it belongs, you have your whole future ahead of you.

My last advice is simple,

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Your Brain Thanks You,


P.S. Want to know when it is okay to over-think? CLICK HERE

10 thoughts on “Think You Are an Over-Thinker?

  1. Definitely an over thinker of the past and future…I need to learn to live in the moment a bit more.
    And as for the phone part, well looks like I should be trying to catch some more sleep instead of being on WordPress as 04:50am *gulp*

    Fun post, I like it 🙂


  2. “Overthinking can give you anxiety, fear, and depression. It can drive you crazy.”
    It also increases self-awareness and empathy. It makes you a better person. Which is not so bad, right?
    Keep thinking people! Just don’t go into extremes.

    Liked by 1 person

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