Just kidding. We have shit to do.

Wake up with some coffee.
Mmm mmm good. 


If you have not noticed, I am a big fan of coffee. Especially at this hour. Okay, okay…and every other. I mean look at all the benefits, how could you not be a fan? Coffee is definitely a mind over matter thing to me – once I have a sip I feel cured from the morning monster. Let’s just say I am not the biggest fan of alarm clocks. But I am getting older and priorities are exactly how they sound. Mandatory.  Here is my morning pick up routine for the mind, body and soul:


Start the day off with a positive attitude.


Positive, a word to engrave in your head and live by. A positive mindset brings positive results in your life. If you go to work with the attitude that you do not want to be there then no one else would want you there too, trust me. Be the positive energy that walks in work every morning.



superthumbDoesn’t sound like such an awful idea, does it? To aim for an amazing day is a good start to your day. If you are like me and like some alone time and relaxation in the morning – be ballsy enough to set your alarm an hour earlier. Sounds brutal until 10 minutes after you wake up (and you have your coffee of course). The hour does not make as much as a difference as you think sleeping wise. It is more beneficial to wake up in no rush and spend some quality time with yourself.


Learn it. Live it. Love it.


Do not let anyone’s negative vibes damper your mood. Set your intention for the day and good vibes are bound to happen. It is easy to take waking up for granted but we are so lucky to live another day. Embrace each day as if it were your last. Don’t set yourself short for the opportunities each day brings. Reach for the sky and believe in yourself.

111Namaste Positive, 
Lindsay S.


9 thoughts on “NAMAST’AY IN BED

  1. Starting the day with the right intentions is so vital to creating a positive reality, sending that energy outwards to those around you! I love what you have written here, and I love the fact that we are all able to experience this beautiful life – we are so fortunate. Be grateful everyday and choose love always!

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