Why Blog?


Blogging is not about self pity, a cry for help, or just something to do. It is the best version of you – the most vulnerable and creative. To be so open and honest takes courage and means something about your character – you are not afraid to let go and be yourself. I confess I still have some walls that I’ve built. Not with this blog. This blog has been my heart lately. I’ve only told a select few people in my life about this blog. Weird because it is something I am so proud of. To be so vulnerable in the real world is not as easy as it is with just you and your keyboard.


Coffee and blogging go hand and hand. Literally. Coffee in one hand and typing with the other. When you have a vision nothing can stop you from making it come to life. A writer’s dream is to always have something to write about. It takes a lot of creativity to express yourself in a way that others would enjoy to read. A new post is a new baby to me; I treat it with all the care and time it needs. To share your vision is a blessing in this crazy web world. To have your input floating around the world on certain topics and things you feel strongly about gives you a comfort that you are being heard. You feel like you are not just living to live – but to express and to grow.



Don’t get caught up on what might be a popular post. The most beautiful things you can ever write are the posts that come from your heart. I do not write just because, I write because I have to. In a world where expressing yourself is harder in person – blogging is a necessity for a girl like me.



Reading other posts can be just as fun as creating your own. I love to interact with people who truly get me. To read amazing stories is quite addicting; I can find posts to read all night and never get bored. There are so many people in the world and somehow, someway you have landed on my site and I have landed on yours – and we connect. You can connect with people all over the world. It is incredible how close technology brings people together.



By loving your work – you have succeeded in your work. Do not blog just to blog, give it your all because at the end of the day, it reflects you as a person. Do not be afraid to bring up unpleasant memories as it will show your progress and understanding of your past. You are amazing for smagic-is-something-you-makeharing and letting go is the only way a blog post feels real. Just words and no passion are….just words. No one wants to read a lifeless story that had no thought put into it. Do not blog just to blog, blog to make a difference. In my eyes, to be able to help a reader is the least I can do for them taking the time to read what I love to write.

images-3Don’t worry about the attention, focus on the truth of the words being written. When you find a piece that you connect with – it is powerful and uplifting. What someone connects, someone else might not. With that being said, my advice for any blogger is to write for yourself first. This is like a public diary in a way, write what resonates with you. Use your mind because it has the power to create a beautiful story. Any story from the heart is a story worth sharing.


Blog on,
Lindsay S.



16 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I really needed to read this tonight because being a blogger can be so frustrating at times. You pour your heart and soul into something and it feels like you are being ignored. Like does my post have to be about Beyoncé for you guys to care! I’m glad I am not alone in this and you are an amazing writer. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability and I hope you do decide to share your blog with your friends because they will not only be impressed but in awe of you. Much love!

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    • Thank you so much! Will be sure to check your blog out. And thank you, the wall is not there on purpose…it is just something that college kids don’t really make topic of conversations. It is crazy that fitting in is more materialistic than spiritual. This side of me is my better side for sure. When I am ready to share a post on my personal Facebook I think I will just do it. Until then, I guess it will stay my hidden treasure. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for this amazing well written article! I wrote blogs before but I always gave up because I didnt want to express myself too much. But I know I need to. After reading this article, I felt the motivation to write again. Thanks for this article once again and I will surely revisit this page whenever I feel like giving up 🙂


  3. You have pointed out a lot of things I struggle with, and you seem to have handled them better. Sometimes, I let ego drive my blogs, or at least my expectation from blogs. I write and hope for a million likes, or hope to featured on freshly pressed, only to find my blog ignored. I want comments, but get only likes from people that didn’t even read the whole post.
    You’ve made me think a bit more. I should remember that I am blogging for myself and accept what comes of it, not rail about what doesn’t come from it.
    Thank you.


    • That is awesome and I am happy to hear my words have inspired you to try out something that may not be the best writing manually but could very well be your BEST writing because it comes from within. I am enjoying writing JUST for the enjoyment…it makes the process of it all so much fun instead of stressful and aiming for perfection.

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