The Pressure

Living in the moment is the most precious gift I have given myself. I allow myself time to do things at my pace and let my needs be a priority for my ultimate well being and happiness. The problem with society? Not finding the balance and sinking into all life’s pressures. Work hard and relax hard is my motto. I will take time out of my busy schedule to recommend that everyone spends a little time in their day devoted to themselves and not what is on their to-do list. What makes me happiest in the day? Ccuddled up to the person I love, hanging with friends, baths (oooh do I love bath time), relaxing, and making memories. The time you give yourself is like recharging your battery, it is absolutely necessary to keep you in a good space. Here are a few of my favorite things to do to remind myself life is not as serious as society makes it out to be.


First I would like to say, whoever in the universe drew this elephant, it is amazing. One of my favorite activities as a little girl was coloring and this gives me the opportunity to color no matter what age. This activity is time consuming and my attention span is slowing getting better – but when I do have time to get my zen on, coloring really gets me in that zone.


Taking a bath is probably one of my favorite things in the world. I get a lot done in the bath – take care of my personal hygiene and spent lots and lots of time relaxing. Talk about a win-win! Stress and anxiety can make you feel tense and slowing down in a bath is the perfect fix. The only thing you have to do is soak the day away and give yourself that moment of reflection and clarity. A bath gives me comfort and definitely recharges me when I need a little break.

Pro bath tip: soaking in Epsom salt is an amazing way to rid yourself of any tension areas.


Need a break from everything and everyone around you? Sleep is the perfect fix. I do not think I have to justify much about this topic – sleep 4 hours one night and sleep 8 hours another. After your two day experiment let me know the difference you feel inside. There are nights that it is harder for me to shut everything off. When that happens I always turn to nice relaxing music to help ease the mind into sleeping after a long day.


When you feel like there is a lot on your plate – give yourself a moment to be inspired by what you are doing. Writing helps me reflect on myself and ignites that passion within me to continue to chase my dreams. Some people love making music for inspiration, drawing, whatever it may be – give yourself that much needed time. It will reassure you that you are on the right path. Now excuse me while I finish up my writing assignment for school.

Hope my words encourage you as much as they encouraged me!




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